How Meditation Helps You?

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How Meditation Helps You?

Meditation is a daily practice of relaxation. It is known to show noticeable changes in a human body, mind and spirit. In a century of competition and stress, mediation acts as both escape and doorway to life. Few of the numerous benefits of meditation are listed below:


Mindfulness is practised traditionally by Buddhists. Now, it is recognised as a technique to increase cognition abilities. Mindfulness meditation can be practiced by focusing on breathing techniques, bodily sensations and mental relaxation.


Meditation is known to increase number of neurons in parts of brain known as the right frontal cortex which is responsible for increasing concentration. Meditation is known to change brain structures within just 8 weeks if done regularly and properly.


Meditation may be helpful in many heart problems. It has the ability to reduce high blood pressure and complications related to it. It hampers formation of plaque inside arteries which may act as hurdle in blood circulation.


Meditating before an exam is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Meditation increases awareness of yourself and your surroundings and also fills you with positive energy. When you practice meditation, you feel more connected to everyone and everything in your daily life.


A good level of control can be achieved over depression with correct meditation techniques. It is as much successful as mood elevating drugs. Meditation is just a way to train mind to ward off negative thoughts and feelings and with little practice, depression can be highly reduced.


Bringing meditation into practice at a young age has its own set of benefits. As a student’s mind is ever growing, meditation acts as a fuel. It increases confidents and elevates mental strength and energy. It aids in clearing thoughts and makes focusing on goals easier.

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