Unobvious Signs of Depression

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Unobvious Signs of Depression

People may or may not put a mask on, but the depressed ones probably do. It may not be cakewalk to identify them though, because they may professedly be the happiest ones around. So let's take a look at a list of hints they may give away unintentionally. Take note.
  1. They may try to fit in just to seem normal. Life will have lost its meaning for them, but they will try to hide it from those around. They're already so despaired that they don't want to spoil moods, or they'll feel worse or guilty. They look at it as an endless problem, and they don't want to burden you with it.
  2. They'll be experts at making up stories about their moods, scars, tears, anxiety, apathy, reduced appetite and about anything else that can hint you that there's something wrong. They will do anything to avoid an explanation, and to not break down in front of you. Then they'll wonder about how you fell for such an obvious lie and will wonder if you're pretending.
  3. It cannot be wrong to say they're hiding it from you partly because they're scared you'll judge them the wrong way and leave, making it worse. Too much for someone who's already struggling to just survive the day and the night. Even if they will try to seek help, they'll be extra careful about whom they choose for it.
  4. Watch out for the silliest of mistakes that they will commit. Anyone can do that when absent-minded, but depression is strongly linked with impaired cognitive ability.
  5. They will keep forgetting incidents. Even after they're fully recovered and out of the depression, they find it difficult to remember incidents from the period of depression.
  6. They will drain themselves futher into negative magnitudes by screwing up their sleeping and eating habits. Too much or too less of both of these can be life-threatening in extreme conditions.
  7. They will really involve in speculating about the meaning and purpose of life.
  8. They may lack self-confidence and consider themself a loser. They may even give up doing the things they love the most, as those will no longer serve to make them happy.
  9. Although they're broken souls, they can express themselves in the most beautiful ways one can imagine.
  10. The slightest accomplishments or social appreciation will light them up inside while it stays.
  11. They may be suicidal, or they may just be numb. Their facial expressions may give it away.
  12. They look for love in the strangest of places.
While anyone may show one or more of these traits, it may lead you to someone who's deeply struggling, and when you do get to them, let them know you care. Depression is curable, and although time can heal them, this can't happen without support from those who matter to them. Spread love!

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