Are you a mouth-breather?

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Are you a mouth-breather?

"Are you a mouth-breather?"
Sure it has a bad reputation, but mouth-breathing isn't really dangerous or a problem with many people.
No prizes for guessing that the term refers to breathing through the mouth instead of, or along with the nasal cavity. Let's first look into what makes you do it.
  1. Nasal obstruction- Obstructive : The nasal airway may be completely or partially obstructed if the lumen in the upper respiratory tract is narrowed at some point. Such individuals then resort to mouth-breathing to get enough air. This may also be caused by antrochoanal polyps.
  2. Lip incompetence- Anatomic: If the upper lip is short and both lips do not meet when at rest, mouth-breathing may be unavoidable.
  3. A history of nasal obstruction- Habitual
  4. Pregnancy Rhinitis- It may lead to nasal obstruction and mouth-breathing during the third trimester.
When is it normal?
  • Breathing through both- mouth and nose, while exercising, to get more oxygen to muscles.
  • If the individual breathes through the nose during rest.
  • If the mouth-breathing continues even during rest, this is abnormal.
So while it's mostly normal, it indeed is something worth considering because of its potential effects on the individual performing it-
  1. Since the anterior maxillary region is the most exposed to airflow during this kind of breathing, the gums appear red, swollen, and shiny. It is speculated that this may be attributed to surface dehydration.
  2. Long Face Syndrome- Mouth-breathing children can develop a long, thin face if it is practiced chronically. It may also result in crowded teeth. [It is also speculated that a long, thin face may itself be a cause for mouth-breathing]
  3. Down Syndrome, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea may also be associated with it.
So, you see, it isn't really as harmless as it seems, or is it? If you are a mouth breather yourself, know that the important thing is to know when it's not okay.

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