Treat Fungal Infections at Home

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Treat Fungal Infections at Home

Heat and humid climate can facilitate fungal infections. Skin and gut are more prone to such infestations. No matter how much we avoid these situations they manage to creep in and sometimes reoccur. In such cases, these tips may come in handy.


Tea tree oil has uncountable benefits and is efficient in treating fungal infections. It is known to have similar effects as anti-fungal medicines. It can be used in number of conditions such as athlete foot, itchy skin rashes etc.


Turmeric is an age old remedy used for fungal and bacterial infections. Turmeric paste can be applied on ring worm and yeast infection. It facilitates quick healing from infections. Turmeric can also be consumed with milk.


Many fungal infections feed on sugar, especially when infection site is oral or intestinal. Try to avoid sugar products such as soft drinks and desserts. Also try to avoid artificial sweeteners.  Substitute sugary foods with non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, onions and spinach.


Oregano oil is a fragrant herb from the mint family. It is widely used in cooking and its leaves are used for salad dressing. It can ward off fungal infections of nail and skin folds. Few drops of oregano oil can be diluted with coconut oil and applied on the affected area.


Grapefruit is a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C and is known to strengthen immune system. Grapefruit seed extract is very potent against fungus infections such as Candida. It proves to be an excellent remedy against toe nail fungus as well. This extract can also be utilised to treat lice.


Caprylic acid or octanoic acid is found in milk of many mammals and is consumed by endurance athletes. It fights fungal infections of gut, oral cavity and reproductive organs. It is also known to have anti bacterial effects as well.

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