Top 5 Period Myths

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Top 5 Period Myths

Top 5 Period Myths

If you're a part of the female population, there's a great chance you have lived through the awkward red situation at least once in your life. Life is already in turmoil when you're leaking, and then you realize they say menstruation is 'he-who-must-not-be-named'. But instead of calling it 'the time' or 'being down', we are going to talk out loud about that not much talked-about, and bust some myth-conceptions, debunk some theories. Let's face it- the 'you-know-who' is not a taboo, rather a completely healthy phenomenon that every female mammal goes through periodically, until one day it stops- the menopause. These are some of the most common and uncommon myths about 'periods'- a name so dreaded.

Myth #1
You can't swim on your period
Fact- With proper leakage protection by a tampon, there's no reason you shouldn't miss out on this recreation in those days. Why should you let your period interrupt your fun? It is also advised to refrain from oily and salty foods and caffeine to avoid cramps, and to wear SPF to avoid breakouts on your face. Oh and yes, there have rarely any cases of sharks attacking menstruators been recorded.
Myth #2
You can't exercise on your period
Fact- While it feels virtually impossible to want to exercise  at a time when you're already drained, it actually helps to exercise at that time, as it helps alleviate not only menstrual cramps, but also relieves anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. But if you're going to exercise on your period, you should be aware of the ones you need to avoid, like the inverted poses. Go on, exercise!
Myth #3
Using a tampon will rob you of your virginity
Fact- The hymen is a stretchy tissue that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening. Although while inserting a tampon can stretch your hymen, it will rarely break it. Virginity, however, is exclusive of that. You can lose your virginity only at your first incest. For some girls, their hymens don't break even at the first time. So stay assured that while your tampon has its own risks, it will not steal your virginity.
Myth #4
Period blood is dirtier than regular blood
Fact- Menstrual blood is perceived as bodily waste/discharge, and that is probably most part of why it is considered even more disgusting than feces. They say menstrual blood is dirty, and blood coming from anywhere else in the body is clean. If someone is injured and bleeding, people will help her/him, but if someone is menstruating, people will be careful to not get the blood on their hands, not even the menstruator herself, she will probably rather be embarrassed about the whole scene than focus on doing something about it. So let me break it to you. Period blood is just regular blood mixed with cervical mucus, vaginal secretions(mostly made up of water, and electrolytes like Sodium or Potassium), endometrial tissue, and the bacteria making up the vaginal flora. The blood itself contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride. But you know, period blood isn't unhealthy; a foetus survives amidst it for whole nine months. So while it's always advised to keep your hands washed and clean, period blood is certainly not something to be disgusted at. It also is odorless, the odor you smell when changing is generated only on the blood coming in contact with oxygen.
Myth #5
One cannot get pregnant on her period 
This is a total lie. The human sperm can survive for up to 3-5 days, which says all about why you can get pregnant even if you copulate on your period. It's always wiser to either refrain, or use protection.
Have a happy period!


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