Health Benefits of YOGURT

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Health Benefits of YOGURT

The importance of good health cannot be ignored. We may know how to stay healthy and take care of their body but do nothing to take care of ourselves. We are so busy working and have no time in our hand to take several steps towards fitness. So, there should be some shortcut to stay fit. There are some easily available and nourishing food stuffs that can be included in our diets to stay healthy. One of them is yogurt. Certain health benefits of yogurt make it a super food. Here are some benefits of yogurt:


Osteoporosis is affecting most of the people especially in geriatric population and women. It causes a significant decrease in bone density and fractures become very frequent. Yogurt is rich in calcium and proteins which helps to regain bone mineral density.


Yogurt is well known for its good bacteria or Lacto bacillus. It increases digestion and keeps the colon healthy. It also cures long term indigestion, bloating and irritation caused by it. A bowl of yogurt in the morning can prove to be a great idea to kick-start your day.


Yogurt can prove to be a good immunity booster as it is a rich source of vitamin B. Sound immunity is very necessary to keep going in day to day life. Nobody likes to fall ill periodically, in order to stay away from diseases; one must opt for yogurt as a routine food.


We always struggle to lose weight and stay fit. Yogurt is one of the milk products which are low in fat and high in protein which makes it a big yes for health conscious people. Having yogurt before meals makes you eat less and thus helps in reducing weight without reduction of important nutrients required for functioning of body


If you are planning a detox diet for yourself, you should surely include yogurt in it. It helps in removing toxins from body and scale down strain on liver. It is also known to reduce inflammatory reactions in the body.

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