Preventing Heat Strokes

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Preventing Heat Strokes

Heat stroke or Sun stroke occurs when body is unable to maintain its temperature due to excess heat. A very common problem faced by people in summers. The body temperature rises to an extreme level. Heat stroke requires an immediate treatment or it may lead to morbidity and even death.

It gives rise to a number of symptoms; some of them are listed below:

  • Most prominent feature is high fever
  • Significant alteration in sweating resulting in reddened and dry skin
  • Altered heart beat and breathing patterns
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe and throbbing headache
  • Person may feel giddy or even faint

Prevention is possible by keeping the following steps in mind:

  • Stay hydrated- It is most vital prevention for heat stroke. Preserving fluids and electrolytes levels in body helps to maintain optimal temperature. Drinking water and juices may help a lot. Stay away from aerated beverages as they cause further dehydration
  • Wear loose and light weighted clothes- appropriate clothing helps in keeping up with proper ventilation of the body. Layering your clothes will hinder in cooling of system. Try to wear cotton or any clothes that absorb sweat readily. Keep your skin covered to avoid sun burns
  • Stay in shade or at home- try to stay in a shady place whenever possible and avoid direct sunlight. You may wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from direct sun rays. Also it doesn’t harm your eyes
  • Have cold showers- you may have cool showers before leaving the house or after prolonged exposure to sun. It will help you to bring body temperature down to normal. You may also use menthol products to keep fresh and cool
  • Diet- Eat light. Try to avoid heavy, fried and fatty food. Eat fruits such as watermelons, mangoes and citrus fruits as it prevents dehydration and maintain your energy stores as well

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