Know Your Vitamins

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Know Your Vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds required for proper functioning of body mechanisms. Though they are required in very small amount in body, there deficiency is quite common due to imbalance in diet. Some essential vitamins and there dietary sources are listed below so that you can prevent some major ailments.


Retinol is very essential for maintaining clear vision in dim light. Deficiency of this vitamin may cause night blindness and softening of cornea. It may cause blindness if left untreated for a long time. Animal products, carrots, tomatoes and papaya are rich source of vitamin A.


There are various types of Vitamin B like thiamine, riboflavin and niacin etc. It is essential for energy production and maintains some vital metabolic activities of body. Scarcity of this vitamin may lead to neurological problems such as neuropathies and dementia. Dietary sources include dairy products, cereals and greens.


Ascorbic acid is responsible for maintaining good skin and healthy gums. It is known to enhance collagen production and it also promotes absorption of iron in intestine. Low levels of vitamin C may cause painful and bleeding gums and joint problems. Citrus fruits and green vegetables are known to supply sufficient amount of it.


Known as the free vitamin, it is provided sufficiently by sunlight. It plays a major role in absorption of calcium in bones and very important in growth years. Its deficiency may cause softening of bones and spinal deformities. Though 95% of this vitamin is provided by sun, other sources include milk and its products, fish liver oil and eggs.


Vitamin K is required to form blood clot following an injury and reduces blood loss from the body. Use of certain drugs like anti-coagulants and antibiotics may deplete vitamin K from body. Leafy vegetables and liver are rich source of this vitamin.

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