Get Rid of Dark Circles

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Get Rid of Dark Circles

When is black not lovable? It is when it decides to reside around your eyes in the form of Dark circles. Dark circles are those areas formed around your eyes which are darker than your usual skin tone. There are many reasons why there might be this dark layer around the perimeter of your eyes. It can be stress, improper diet or sometimes just another carry from the genes. Like other unloved things, you can also get rid of these. Of many, we are suggesting here the most effective methods of getting rid of dark circles:

Vegetable Juice:

Not all vegetables, but some of the vegetables have properties which can help you get those dark circles away. Rubbing a juicy piece of tomato or potato helps a lot. It is not only an easy and pocket friendly but a natural way to treat dark circles which assures you of no side effects. Drinking tomato juice along with lemon and mint leaves is also a solution. As of potatoes, grate potatoes and extract the juice out of them. Apply around your eyes using a cotton ball. You can also keep the cotton on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Cucumber is also good for your eyes.

Tea Bags:

Tea is a natural remedy for dark circles. Soak a tea bag into water and keep it in the refrigerator. Now keep the cold tea bag on your eyes. Repeat for a few days and you can notice the miraculous change. Same trick can be done with green tea.

Cold Milk:

Milk, as we all know, have fairness properties. Applying cold milk or fresh cold cream around your eyes can help relaxing your eyes and lighten the skin tone around. It is easily available at home at all times and regular application of it can help immensely.

Almond Oil:

The skin around your eyes is delicate and therefore harsh oils and creams can damage the skin further. Almond oil nurtures the skin and also helps in removing the dark circles around your eyes. Though, you must check if your skin is too oily. In that case, you should avoid the frequent use of oils.

These are some of the natural and pocket friendly ways to get rid of your eye circles. Though cheap and easy, these methods are highly effective. Try for yourself, and see the results.

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