Superfoods for a balanced well being

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Superfoods for a balanced well being

We are becoming more and more health conscious by the day and look for ways to compensate for the imbalance due to our hectic schedules and binge eating. “Superfoods” are the new and popular food that if included in our day to day life paves way to a healthy life. It’s a popular term that is getting around to define foods that are super rich in vitamins, minerals and other elements that not only help in detoxifying and enriching our body and also help in keeping illnesses at bay and prolonging life. Some interesting Superfoods that will amaze you with their uses are:


Green tea is the vastly growing popular superfood and attracting not only older people but the younger health conscious generation also. Green tea helps in the detoxification of body and makes your skin glow. It enriches the body from within and helps in fat reduction and a lower risk of cancer.


Pickles are the new superfood that will ensure that your gut is healthy due to the probiotics it has. The fermentation process  that pickles undergo helps in increasing intestinal health and provide with a bundle of nutrients and help control weight gain as well as regulate your hunger. Go for a variety in them like carrots, mango, lemon etc.


Excellent news for those of you who don’t completely refrain from dairy, this fermented food really helps in making the bones stronger, controlling the blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks. Also, it’s great for decreasing vaginal infections.


An important fruit in the breakfast plate, it is an amazing antioxidant that keeps you fresh and healthy besides decreasing heart problems. Some others include nuts, apples, tomatoes, oats etc.

Thus, you can see that by consuming these foods in your everyday life without starving yourself you can improve your body from the outside as well as the inside.

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