Taking Care of Oral Health

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Taking Care of Oral Health

Oral health is one of the prime indicators or overall health and wellbeing of people. A well maintained oral health boosts confidence in your work life along with a general inner self of wellness. Following points should be kept in mind while taking care of gums and teeth.

Brushing after dinner at night before you going to sleep and after breakfast in the morning will keep your teeth and gums healthy, reduce problems of bad breathes and tooth cavities.

To maintain a good oral health we need to brush at least twice daily. Use of reliable tooth pastes is recommended. Use of mouthwashes can be complementary to the use of tooth pastes. Toothbrush should be used and it is recommended to change the toothbrush every three months for best results. Normally a soft tooth brush is recommended for regular use.

Some people are more prone to oral diseases and thus they should make conscious extra efforts to maintain a good oral health. For example diabetics need professional help to maintain oral health. There may be cases like acute conditions during pregnancies like pregnancy gingivitis which again can be easily controlled by professional intervention from a dentist and considerably reduce discomforts of the patient during pregnant phase.

A six monthly professional screening of oral health is required for maintaining best oral health condition. A screening by scaling not only professionally cleanses the oral cavity but also serves as a tool for early detection of oral lesions like initial carious lesions and marginal gingivitis.

An early intervention reduces the extent of damage to natural oral tissues and reduces the cost of treatment drastically. If carefully maintained we can retain our natural teeth throughout our life and enjoy eating good food which otherwise would be quiet impossible without our teeth, and remain healthy. So maintain good oral health and keep smiling.

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