Suffering From Joint Stiffness?

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Suffering From Joint Stiffness?

Stiffness of joint is a common problem in geriatric population and some of younger population as well. It is known to limit the mobility of the joint and cause pain and swelling in the joint. Symptoms are more prominent during morning. Multiple number of joints can be involved. Various causes are held responsible for the ailment. A few of them are listed below:


Not moving your joints for long term as in case of some fractures and may be due to sedentary lifestyle. The joint in prone to adhesions that limit the movement of the joints. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation plays a vital role in breaking adhesions. Therapeutic massage is known to help in most conditions.


It is one of the most prevalent problem of old age. Arthritis is an outcome of wear and tear of the joint cartilage with time. The joint degrades with time due to friction. It is most common in weight bearing joints such as knee and hip. Strengthening exercises performed in water or hydrotherapy is said to be beneficial for joint mobility. Heat application also reduces pain. A health practitioner must be consulted to keep the condition in control. In late stages of arthritis joint replacement surgery is considered.


Soft tissues include joint capsule, bursae, ligaments and muscles. Damage to these structures around a joint area leads to stiff and heated joint which is painful. Inflammation can be taken care by regular application of cold packs. Adequate rest of the affected part is necessary for soft tissue healing.


The abnormal joining of bones resulting in stiff joint. Bony ankylosis can be a result of some pathology or trauma to the bone though genetic factors such as presence of HLA-B27 gene also causes ankylosis. This is most common in spine. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for it but palliative care can improve the quality of living. Regular physical therapy and medications tend to reduce disability to a certain extent.

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