What type is your Headache?

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What type is your Headache?

Headache or cephalgia is a common symptom of many diseases. It may be neurological, ophthalmological, psychological or systemic. Headaches are divided into different types depending on aetiology, symptoms, location and duration. Headache usually goes away in a day or so but if it persists or reoccurs frequently it should not be ignored and medical help may be required. Few types of headaches are listed below:


It is most prevailing type of headache determined by dull and ‘band-like’ headache. As the name suggests the cause is tension and no other physical symptom is likely to be present. Persistent clenching of teeth and poor head posture may deteriorate the condition. Proper rest and relaxation may be relieving.


Another common type of headache affecting around 5-10% of population. The symptoms include one side throbbing headache with nausea and vomiting. It may occur with or without aura. Aura is visual, sensory or motor warning before onset of headache. Some food items and dehydration may trigger migraine. Adopting a healthy lifestyle may reduce frequency of migraine attacks. It is a good idea to see a medical practitioner for adequate treatment.


This type of headache occurs less intermittently than migraine. It is more seen in men rather than in women with onset in middle age. It is identified by unilateral pain around eye, infections of eye and lacrimation. It may occur for 10 minutes to few hours each day or may occur once a week or few months depending on its severity. Regular alcohol uptake may worsen the situation.


Inflammation of sinuses due to infection or allergic reaction in the sinuses which result in blockage and pain similar to headache. Pain sites are in face near nose, eye and ear area. Swelling of face and nasal discharge are some other features of this disease. Sinuses can be relieved by anti-histamines and antibiotics or use of nasal decongestants.

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