Contribute to your Health by waking up Early

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Contribute to your Health by waking up Early

“Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise”

Waking up early is said to be the best for your mind and body. We still see people in villages or our grandparents still waking up early and starting their day even before sunrise. Their “Dincharya” or routine includes waking up before sunrise and taking a bath before starting their chores. People often doubt the benefits of waking up early but ayurveda has a detailed account about it.

According to, one must wake up before sunrise (approx half an hour) to synchronize themselves with the rhythm of the sun. It is essential as it is the best time to immerse your consciousness in meditation and deep thoughts. This time is called “Brahma-muhurat”. During this time the environment is calm and clean and so it will be very soothing to the mind as well as the body. Also, the mental performance of the body is at the peak at this time therefore children are often suggested to wake up early and study and not wake up late at night.

If you align your body with the rhythm of the sun, you can become much more resistant to infections and can easily fight off diseases as your inner body is in tune with nature and is activated to perform the best in the pollution and noise-free environment

Taking a bath after waking up also helps release the heat trapped in the body overnight to be released and become fresh and balancing the “chakras” of your body. Also, waking up coupled with exercise can further enhance your mind and soul to accept the positive energy around and release the negative one to protect the body all day long and ward off negative influences.

So, start adopting this regime and live a healthier life with ease.

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