4 Easy Food Hacks for Eliminating PMS

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4 Easy Food Hacks for Eliminating PMS

It’s “that” time of the month. You feel queasy, uneasy, bloating, cramps, cravings, muscle pain and what not. And above it all you have to go to work! Total nightmare it is and you can’t get out of it. So, what to do now? Well, you can indulge in these food items that will help you get through the day with ease.

1. Yogurt: This tasty and easy to find food is very rich in calcium the deficiency of which causes bloating and mood swings during your periods. Indulge in this fat free food during your periods and brighten your day.

2. Bananas: For all those women who remain sleep deprived during these days, this is a power fruit.  Eating a few bananas during the day will help with the cramps and sleep as during night it secretes a sleep aid hormone thus helping you balance your sleep rhythm.

3. Eggs: Periods not only bring bloating and cramps but strange cravings also. Each woman wants something different and that also every time! One way to solve this is staying ahead of your hunger. Don’t eat less; eat more. But eat protein and vitamin rich foods and not chips and cookies. Poach some eggs or boil them and start your day with healthy food and be energised all day long.

4. Carmom Seeds or Ajwain: Can you believe that something as easy as this can help in PMS reduction! Carmom seeds have anti spasmodic qualities and therefore are very helpful in soothing the body of cramps and spasm. Take seeds and mix them in a cup of hot water. Take this twice a day for several months for better benefits.

So, start eating better to feel better every day!

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