These Habits Can Cause You Wrinkles

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These Habits Can Cause You Wrinkles

Have you ever woken up to a wrinkled or creased skin? Or is your skin aging too fast? Wrinkles are mostly associated with old age but today, there are a number of youngsters too who complain of premature skin aging. They are dangerous for your skin health but you should know which habits are causing them to develop or else, they can continue growing. Here’s a list of some everyday habits that need to be avoided in order to keep wrinkles away.

1.      Sleeping the wrong way

Sleeping on your face can lead to wrinkles. This is not a myth but a scientifically proven fact. If you have a habit of sleeping on your face and can’t help it, then go for a satin pillow instead of a cotton one. This will reduce the bad effects on your skin. A bad sleeping posture can also make you age very fast.

2.      Pouting and frowning

Girls, do you know that pouting while taking selfies or while applying makeup can give you wrinkles? It’s high time then, pout no more, smile for your pictures and turn your face while applying makeup.

3.      Smoking/Alcohol

Smoking leads to formation of fine lines mostly near your eyes and upper lips. These lines usually begin to appear to smokers 10-15 years earlier as compared to those who don’t smoke.

4.      Stressing

When you are tensed, you are likely to frown more. Frowning is one the key reason of wrinkles on your face. Stress can also lead to not eating well and less exercise that can cause ageing.

5.      Applying the wrong foundation

If you have a dry skin and apply a matte foundation then it can have adverse effects on you facial skin lie wrinkles, fine lines and breakouts.

6.      Harshly rubbing your face

The towels that you use for wiping your face must be chosen very carefully. When you wash your face, your skin becomes very soft and sensitive. Using a rough towel or applying too much force while wiping your face can lead to creases on your skin. It’s best to make use of baby wipes or face tissues whenever possible.

7.      Eye Makeup

If you stretch your skin too much while applying makeup, you can develop crow’s feet i.e. fine lines around the corners of your eye. Instead of stretching your skin while applying makeup, you can use a primer and then a base. It will give you a smoother finish and have a long lasting effect on your makeup.

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