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1.      Paracetamol increases Asthma risk in babies

Babies are more likely to develop asthma if their mothers intake paracetamol. Paracetamol is usually recommended when suffering from pain, fever and influenza. However, some recent researches have shown that there is a link between paracetamol and asthma. Pregnant woman are advised not to take this medicine as far as possible.

2.      Walnuts can help in losing weight

A diet consisting of unsaturated fats can have the same effect as a low fat, high carbohydrate diet for weight loss. This is mainly due to omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in the nuts which make you feel less hungry. A diet containing walnuts, which contain polyun, saturated fats activate genes that reduce fat storage and improve metabolism.

3.      How fast are your lungs ageing?

Your lungs are likely to age faster if you have a mother who smoked during pregnancy, if you were born during a harsh winter season or you got a severe respiratory infection during childhood. People who have been exposed to all these factors have a quicker decline in lung function, which therefore means a faster ageing process. The decline, however, is only prominent when these people themselves begin smoking or if they have experienced the two other factors.

4.      Cholesterol in eggs ain’t that bad

People believed that if you eat eggs, it would raise the cholesterol in your blood and contribute to a heart disease. But, recent researches have shown that it is not so. It’s true that egg yolks consist of cholesterol but eggs also contain nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folate that lower the risk of heart disease. Instead, an egg a day generally keeps the heart safe.

5.      Antibiotics can cause seizure, delirium

Common antibiotics can lead to a serious disruption in the function of brain called delirium and other brain problems.  Delirium further causes mental confusion along with hallucinations and agitation. However, antibiotics are no typically the first type of drugs that are suspected by doctors.

6.      How “healthy” green tea can make you ill?

Although green tea is praised for its antioxidants and immune-boosting properties, a number of doctors feel that when it is consumed in excess, it can have its consequences. Green tea too can have side effects such as anemia, anxiety and high blood pressure.  It can also cause liver toxicity.

7.      Relax now, your Smartphone won’t cause cancer

Well all of you can take a chill pill now. Your dearer than life won’t lead you to cancer. Radio frequency energy emanating from cell phones is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is non-ionizing. Whereas, there is no study or research about cancer that has proved that non ionizing radiation causes heat. But when it comes to excessive use of cell phones, it can lead to other health problems.

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