Foods for A Quick Recovery

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Foods for A Quick Recovery

Illness can really disenable you, it is crucial that you follow a suitable diet during recovery. It will make you recovery quickly. While fundamentals like sunlight, fresh air and a positive mind works wonders but our body also needs many vitamins and minerals to repair tissues and make the immune system stronger. Here are some tips for a quick healthy recovery:


·         Dairy products like cheese, paneer and yogurt contain calcium which is essential for bone formation.

·         Try to include food which is rich in minerals like multigrain dalia, green leafy vegetables and flaxseeds.

·         Protein rich foods like sprouts, eggs and fish.

·         Chawanprash twice a day to increase energy.


·         Probiotic drinks for killing stomach bacteria

·         Turmeric to improve digestion

·         Citrus fruits and amla

·         Aloe Vera juice for liver and stomach disorders


·         Soups made with vegetables or chicken help to fight weakness by boosting metabolism

·         Rice khichdi with white butter as a little bland food is important

·         Fruits like pomegranate and apples to increase red blood cells

·         Rice as it is rich in water content


·         Coconut oil helps to increase electrolytes

·         Include high fiber foods like fresh fruits and whole grain breads

·         Dairy products are an excellent source of protein which is essential to healing after surgery

·         Avoid food rich in sugar


·         Include Vitamin C in your diet, most citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C

·         Include papaya and strawberries in your diet

·         Intake of zinc is needed, breakfast cereals in a good way to get zinc

·         Eat fish, beef, chicken and all types of fish


·         Drinking warm beverages like herbal tea, but avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks

·         Anise seeds have anti-bacterial properties which have been known to ease cough and congestion

·         Eat Probiotic foods such as yogurt and kefir

·         Eat dark chocolate as pure cocoa contain disease-fighting antioxidants


·         Drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate or cola

·         Intake of salt water as it treats low blood pressure

·         Include raisins in your diet, they are a traditional ayurvedic remedy to reduce hypertension

·         Oatmeal, whole grain cereals, low fat milk and fruits can be taken for breakfast

·         Exotic juices made from carrots, beetroot, kiwi or black grapes

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