Zika Virus

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Zika Virus

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Average one in five people infected with the Zika virus becomes ill. The most common symptoms of Zika are rash, fever, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes). Other common symptoms include headache and muscle pain. The incubation period for Zika virus disease is not known, but is likely to be some days to a week. The illness is normally mild with symptoms lasting for some days to a week. Zika virus normally remains in the blood of an infected patient for a few days but it can be found longer in few people, severe disease requiring hospitalization is rare and deaths are also rare.


The symptoms of Zika virus are similar to dengue and chikungunya, diseases spread through the same mosquitoes that transmit Zika. See your doctor or healthcare provider if you develop the symptoms described above and have visited place where Zika is found. If you have recently traveled some ware, tell your doctor or healthcare provider when and where you traveled. Your doctor or healthcare provider may order blood tests to look for Zika or other similar viruses like dengue or chikungunya.


There are no vaccine or medications are available to treat Zika infections, so treat the symptoms. Get plenty of rest, drink fluids to prevent dehydration. Take medicine as per your physician suggest to relieve fever and pain. If you have Zika then prevent mosquito bites for the first week of your illness. During the 1st week of infection, Zika can be found in the blood and passed from an infected patient to another mosquito through mosquito bites. An infected mosquito can spread the virus to other people.

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