How Bad Posture Affects You

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How Bad Posture Affects You

Bad posture is something we get to see every day due to our daily life activities usually include prolong sitting and lack of physical work. This is not just affecting us physically but mentally and socially as well. Many studies prove that posture has impact on our mood and how others perceive us. Few points are mentioned to show how posture affects you:

Back and Neck pain

It is one of the most common problems in people with bad sitting posture and they slowly tend to adapt bad standing posture as well. It is recommended not to sit on bed while working and work on screens at eye level. Using a larger font size may also help to reduce strain on neck and eye.

Irreversible deformities

People with sedentary lifestyle are more at risk of such deformities. Lack of exercise and attaining a bad posture for long time may cause spine to deviate from normal position. A flat back or hollow back is commonly seen in conditions.

Affects impression

Bad posture makes you look unwelcoming and unconfident. If you are going for a job interview or trying to make an impression you must correct your posture. Rounded shoulders or stoop back are a major turn off. Physical therapy and lifestyle manipulations can help in fixing your posture and in this way you can stand out in crowd.

Increases body stress

Bad posture has the tendency to put some of your muscles in stress and other antagonist muscles get weakened and that may further lead to generalised body problems and stress. The problems may become more prominent at old age.

Stiff joints

Poor posture can be a reason for pain and stiffness in weight bearing joints such as hip, knee and lower back joints. With proper exercises and stretching these problems can be reduced to a certain extent.

Breathing problems

Stooped posture or rounding of shoulders can reduce chest expansion and muscles used for breathing become weak and shortened. This may also lead to cardiopulmonary stress. This can be minimised by learning good posture, breathing and chest expansion exercises.

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