How is Anorexia Deteriorating Female Health?

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How is Anorexia Deteriorating Female Health?

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which person is afraid of gaining weight.  It is usually seen in females who associate beauty with slender body. A person is said to be anorexic when BMI is below 17 kg/m2 and may reach alarmingly dangerous levels like 14 kg/m2. The problem is not just physical but psychological as well. The female perceives herself as fat and has an extreme desire to stay thin.

Symptoms of Anorexia

Family and acquaintances of affected individuals may look for these symptoms:

Person with anorexia will not eat much food and starve themselves, and in severe cases they will vomit or utilise laxative medicine if they think they ate too much.

Females with anorexia nervosa will have osteoporosis at a very early age. Reduction of intake of food leads to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D which adversely affects bone health.

Infertility and missing menstrual periods is a common problem in this illness as body is not strong enough.

Person may suffer from depression, anxiety, severe mood swings and other psychological and personality disorder.

Other nutrients like vitamin, minerals like iron may reach a dangerously low level which leads to morbidity and death.

Fewer intakes of calories may lead to generalised fatigue and weakness.


Main goal of the patient is to gain a healthy weight and be happy in her own skin.

Person is asked to take a good amount of calorie each day; individual is given a goal to each a certain amount of calorie each week and it is gradually progressed.

Psychological treatment is required to teach patient to love and respect her body and to get over anxiety, depression and other psychological problems that may improve the quality of life.

Self care is equally important in anorexia; person should learn exercises to keep her fit and strong. She should adapt smart eating habits and add nutrition to her diet. Instead of eating mindlessly try to eat fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

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