I am 30 year old. I am ED patient. what should I do?

posted : 31 Jul 2017   10

Male  , 30 years     

I am 30 year old. I am  ED patient. what should I do?

Please consult a urologist for detailed evaluation of your ED problem Thanks Sanjay

I am 26 year old.i m surfing pain in my right back side of l nack right shoulder  joint pain from 4-5 year.I have to tolerate sometimes lots of headache in right back side.I can't sleep properly by right side. When I sleep by right side after 5min I feel some nerves are bling inside and it's so painful.what should I do?

Get one X-ray cervical spine. For prophylaxis take acelofenac n paracetamol combination, n methylcobalamin with vitamin D3

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