I am 22 years old, I suffering from Magrain (cluster) ,when attack start unbearable pain, 2 or 4 times attack in every month.plzz suggests me .

Migraine headache and cluster headache are two different types of headaches. you should visit a neurologist for the diagnosis and management

I have pain in my back portion of brain and it also creates vision problems too. I already faced brain tumor problem when I was 12 years old but after good treatment I completely fine and nowadays  I am 21 years old and have a pain in brain.

Since you had Brain tumour...you must go for MRI scan.to see the current status of your brain..and consult neurosurgeon

I am a 22 year old boy and my weight is 49kg so I want to gain weight. Can you recommend some advice for me.
              So that,I will feel very happy and very kind.

Dear A Sahoo, First of all you didn't mention your height in centimeters. Calculating your BMI would have helped me exactly know what is the extent of weight gain you should be aiming for. However in general terms , following is the sequence of actions you should undertake to achieve a healthy weig ..more