I am a 22 year old boy and my weight is 49kg so I want to gain weight. Can you recommend some advice for me.
              So that,I will feel very happy and very kind.

Dear A Sahoo, First of all you didn't mention your height in centimeters. Calculating your BMI would have helped me exactly know what is the extent of weight gain you should be aiming for. However in general terms , following is the sequence of actions you should undertake to achieve a healthy weig ..more

25 year old female..
I fell down hard on stairs yesterday. Have pain in the tail bone area since then..especially while leaning backwards on sitting, during changing postures..
Will it be manageable with hot water bag and pain medications or do I need any scan?

You need to get an Xray done to rule out a fracture of the coccyx (tail bone) If there is a fracture, you will need to take rest for a few days, pain killers and ice packs. It usually takes a good 4-6 weeks for symptoms to completely get better. Sitting on a cushioned seat or a special "doughnut" c ..more

what is the major difference between schizophrenia and depression. I have been taken antidepressants medicine for many years which psychiatric doctor diagnosed me as MiX  Anxiety- depression. 


Both these illness differ in cause, symptoms, treatment and prognosis. Depression or anxiety-depression comes in mood disorder category which has better prognosis as compared to schizophrenia. Regards

I am Hitesh Gupta. My sister is having knee problem her knee swelled. She had been operated 8 years back because of giant cell tumor. Now again after 8 years she is having the same problem she can not even walk. Please assist me in this

Giant cell tumour of bone has a propensity to recur at the local site in about 50% cases. Surgery is not always possible. Although mostly benign, nonmalignant, radiotherapy which is another mode of treatment, can turn it malignant. However, zoledronate, available in India as ACLASTA, can provide ..more

I am 30 year old. I am ED patient. what should I do?

posted : 31 Jul 2017   76

Male  , 30 years     

I am 30 year old. I am  ED patient. what should I do?

Please consult a urologist for detailed evaluation of your ED problem Thanks Sanjay

I am 26 year old.i m surfing pain in my right back side of l nack right shoulder  joint pain from 4-5 year.I have to tolerate sometimes lots of headache in right back side.I can't sleep properly by right side. When I sleep by right side after 5min I feel some nerves are bling inside and it's so painful.what should I do?

Get one X-ray cervical spine. For prophylaxis take acelofenac n paracetamol combination, n methylcobalamin with vitamin D3

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