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D-305, Abul Fazal Enclave Jamia Nagar,Okhla,Delhi-110025

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Universal access to education and health care are fundamental necessities for any society to progress. No nation has achieved a developed status without fulfilling these two requirements. All developed nations have ensured universal education and wide health care cover for their citizens. In our country, notwithstanding the strides we have made in areas like information technology, we are far behind to provide proper health care infrastructure to the over helming majority of our sick people.

There are Government hospitals treating patients free of charge all over the country but lack sufficient resources. Yet people flock to them, because most of them have no choice. Only a very small percentage can afford private hospitals.

High-tech medical care has become very expensive, mainly due to the exorbitant prices of imported equipment. It is therefore not possible to offer free treatment for procedures like heart surgery, angioplasty, neurosurgery, laser treatment, and so on. Thus, user charges are necessary.

Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital is one of the many Multispeciality Hospitals under ‘Vision 2016’ to offer its services to reduce the miseries of poor and needy people due to high cost and existing poor health infrastructure.

Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital is run by Human Welfare Trust (HWT), a national level humanitarian aid organisation. It focuses mainly on health care and Community Development Projects. It is premier partner in “Vision 2016” which is a very ambitious project of Human Welfare Foundation which is another National level NGO Committed to the welfare of down trodden, weak and poor of the community.

As planned, a Multi-Speciality Hospital with good ambience, equipped with state-of-the art medical facilities, and highly qualified Medical personnel has come up in basement and the ground floor of the existing building which is under construction towards the West end of Dawat Nagar. The plot measuring 65000 Sq. ft. has been acquired for Construction of a well equipped Multi-speciality Hospital.
The Foundation stone of this Hospital was laid on 3rd November 2007 by Janab Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omri, Amir -e- Jamat Islami Hind. On the occasion Dr. Samir Qasmi Fakhroo, Advisor UNESCO was the Chief Guest. 

Though the building was not yet complete but the residents of the area constantly persuaded the Human Welfare Trust (HWT) to start at least the OPD and hence, we got the OPD part inaugurated by His Excellency Faisal \Al Trad, Saudi Ambassador and Her Excellency Ambassador of Yemen on 24th July 2011. 

The Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital is 150 bedded once its building project is fully complete but due to public demand Hospital was started with 33 beds only. Okhla region is the most fast developing Sub-Urban Area of Delhi with approximately 5 Lacs population mainly belonging to Lower Middle Class and Lower Income Groups of Muslims community.

A large number is below poverty line for whom health care is becoming costlier day after day. There are many doctors and private clinics in the area which remain choked with the flow of patients. Moreover, these are not equipped with the basic facilities. Therefore, this Hospital even in the present state has become a boon to the poor and needy patients of the area.

On seeing the response, the Management finally decided to start the hospital in full fledged manner with the available infrastructure and it was then inaugurated by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of NCT Delhi on 20th November 2011.

AlShifa Multispecialty Hospital is committed to the cause of health care to the poor and needy section of society particularly minority community which needs help and support from every one. As Allah Says in the Holy Qur’an (Surah Aale-e-Imran 3:92) “By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give freely of that which you love [wealth] and whatever you give Allah knows it well.”






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