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13, East Spurtank Road,Chetpet,Chennai-600031

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V.S.Hospital is a comprehensive cancer care center built in the heart of the city to make world-class cancer care affordable to the common public. Our founder/chairman, the renowned medical oncologist of international acclaim Prof.S.Subramanian, brings close to four decades of cancer fighting experience to the institution. He is currently the senior most practicing medical oncologist in India. Half a million consultations, spread over four decades is no mean achievement by one single individual. His trademark patience and compassion combined with academic brilliance makes him the most popular oncologist of our times. Rated very highly by both his patients and peers, he was voted one of the top five oncologists in the state by a recent survey conducted by a popular television network.

He is not only a wonderful clinician, but also an equally celebrated academician. He has developed an outstanding oncology team - a group of highly talented medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, trained in state of the art techniques, administering cancer care, the Dr,S.S way- with a touch of extra care and compassion. 

At V.S.Hospital, our mission is simple - to make cancer a thing of the past. Achieving that goal begins with integrated programs in cancer treatment, clinical trials, education programs and cancer prevention.To us, people are more than just their cancer symptoms. Compassion - along with innovative cancer treatment, cutting-edge cancer research, comprehensive education and research-based prevention of both common and rare cancers - has earned the gratitude of countless cancer patients and their families. 





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