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#6/1, Promenade Road, Near Coles Park,Frazer Town,Bengaluru-560005

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Santosh Hospital 100 bed General& Multi-specialty hospital is located in a prominent area near Coles Park & Cantonment   Railway Station. Hospital has got excellent infrastructure, state of art equipments, dedicated group of highly skilled Paramedics ,Medical & Surgical Consultants geared up to provide comprehensive & total quality care to the patients.

Was started in the year 1984 with a strength of 20 beds, primarily as a nursing home. Later on was upgraded to 60 beds and was upgraded with all the specialty. In 2009 it was further upgraded to 100 beds with state of art equipments and infrastructure.

Hospital is equipped with 12 bed ICU, 5 bed step-down ICU for critical care, equipped with state of the art equipments with experienced staff & managed by intensivists round the clock. 6 bed Casualty Unit with OT available 24 hours for Trauma care & emergencies in Medical, Surgical, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Neurology, Urology and ENT emergencies.

The Operation Theater Complex has 4 Ultramodern OT Suites working round the clock. Equipped with Laminar Flow, Air Conditioning, Maquet Lights, Pendants, Anaesthesia work stations with remote controlled OT Tables, C-Arm and operating microscope. Experienced OT staff are available round the clock to handle any critical emergency. Hospital caters to Neonatal, Pediatric, General Surgical, Laparoscopic, OBC, Orthopedic, Urology, ENT, Ophthalmic, Neuro surgical, Cardiothoracic, Plastic Suregy Procedures.

There is 8 bed Level II NICU, 4 bed PICU to handle Neonatal Emergencies. Post-operative neonatal &  pediatric surgical cases.

Dialysis Unit has five machines and are available for routine & emergency dialysis .

Santosh group also has 2 diagnostic centers in Bangalore, located near coles park. It was started in the year 2000 with ultra modern equipments like the MRI, multi-slice CT scanner where in u can get your scan in lesser time when compared with the other centers.

It is packed with a total radiological modern equipments so that one can just come in and get any test done.

The center is also equipped with a high end laboratory were all the high end chemistries could be done.

The center is also equipped with a high end laboratory were all the high end chemistries could be done.





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