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A decade back, Health care delivery system in Nagpur was quite obsolete. Needy Nagpurians had no option but to reach government medical colleges for any life threatening problems. Small nursing homes use to render single speciality secondary health care delivery and for varied tests, one had to go to different centres in diverse parts of Nagpur. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute was a unique experimentation at a time when nobody dared to venture in field of tertiary health care delivery system. Against all odds, it was started and has now established a name which has led to its recognition as brand ambassador of Health especially for central India. It is known fact that within a decade, OrangeCityHospital has played a pivotal role in gaining the confidence of central Indians and also brought Nagpur in national health care map.
Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) based at 19, Pande Layout is a leading multi super speciality hospital of Nagpur providing services of 160 doctors through 60 varied departments. It is run by Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited (RNHPL) constituting Board of Directors namely Dr.Dileep Dhande, Dr.Jay Deshmukh, Dr.Usha Nair, Dr.Anup Marar and Dr.Vidya Udaybhaskar led by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman. Dr.Anup Marar, a Paediatrician and renowned health management consultant also looks after the day to day administration as Director (Administration).
The karmabhumi of NAIRSONS family has always been Nagpur. The respect, love and affection showered by Nagpur citizens had to be repaid a bit in some manner. An unfortunate tragedy in their family wherein their younger brother Shri.Ravi Nair died in a road accident because of lack of timely super speciality expertise shocked NAIRSONS family. At a time when all serious patients had to be directed either only to medical colleges or flown to Mumbai, NAIRSONS family with back up of like-minded medical faculties conceived the idea of initiating a dedicated tertiary care hospital with state of art equipment. There was an urgent need of such a super-speciality centre wherein a relative could bring his suffering family member to offer a fair chance to live. Somebody had to take the first step and undertake major risk to invest in such a comprehensive super speciality hospital and garner confidence of central India populace. Hospitals are major capital investment. Hence earlier in those times, no body was keen to take such a venture. Since profit making through a hospital was not the motto of NAIRSONS family, they went ahead. 15 years back when OCHRI ordered top of the line advanced equipments like 13 HP colour multi parameter monitors in one go, there was no hospital in Maharashtra leave aside Nagpur be it even major hospitals in Mumbai which possessed such equipage. 
Time and again; senior faculties from India and abroad, have commended the extensive infrastructure and stringent ethical protocols implemented at OCHRI .
OCHRI is in a different pedestal wherein ethical rational comprehensive quality health care is strictly implemented. The inflow of Patient from Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh leave apart from all over Vidarbha who now confidently come down to OCHRI undisputedly proves the fact that Health care expertise of Nagpur is now counted.
At OCHRI, every penny received and spent is duly receipted as per a fixed tariff. Payments to doctors are also done by cheque mode. OCHRI tried to gather a group of like-minded specialists who are expected to render ethical quality healthcare. Down the line, OCHRI with pride noted that they have associated with more than 160 specialists providing services through 60 varied departments & 30 speciality clinics.
OCHRI is involved in many medico-social commitments of city in form of conducting school health check up camps, cancer screening camps, regular speciality camps etc.  OCHRI has also joined hands with Global Cancer Concern of India to provide home based palliative care services for terminally ill cancer patients. Further OCHRI is associated with Sarvaa Shikshaa Abhiyaan scheme of government. Any needy child through their district primary education officer can avail the expertise of OCHRI to get any intricate surgery done for an affliction affecting his scholastic progress be it Orthopaedics, ENT, eye surgeries. Likewise Smile train has approved OCHRI to provide free surgeries to all cleft lip and palate-afflicted children. The Emergency Services of Nagpur city under aegis of Nagpur city Police is run and managed by OCHRI. This exclusive accredited ambulance facility is first of its kind in Maharashtra and such unique police-private hospital participatory venture is first in India! Recently they took over the management of Swami Sitaramdasji Maharaj Hospital & Research Centre based at Ramtek to run on no profit basis.
All such social ventures show that OCHRI within all its feasible resources and limitations is trying its best to serve the society in best possible manner. 
The distinctness and academic ambience being nurtured at OCHRI attracts doctors and has even led to its endorsement by Maharashtra Medical Council. OCHRI’s record keeping is also meticulous which ensures accountability of each and every person involved in treatment of patients.  The conception of a dedicated area for academics in form of Jaivik conference hall for encouraging associations to hold CME’s and workshops could only be seen at OCHRI.  A quarterly newsletter under the name and style of Jaivik is distributed free of costs to more than 1000 doctors all over central India along with a fortnightly day brighteners emphasizing the moral ethics. OCHRI also conducts CME under the name and insignia of “Siddhi” in every town every month to highlight recent advances. 
OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by SEC Rly and C Rly for aiding them in emergency care for railway accident cases. OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by 50 major Organisations/Companies of Central India. OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to be recognized by National Board of Examinations for conducting DNB (Family Medicine) course. OCHRI is the only hospital of this region to have consistently ensured its ISO 9001 certification since last 6 years. OCHRI is the only hospital in Central India to have 4 certified Lead Quality Auditors and 3 Certified Internal Quality auditors to supervise and check the quality management systems.
It is now established that Orange City Hospital & Research Institute with its goal of providing quality health care under one roof in reasonable costs is now pride not only of Nagpur but also for Central India and is a symbol of faith. 
Along with Consultants; OCHRI have a full time hierarchy of Critical Care Physicians, Resident Physicians, Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists and surgeon’s apart from Registrars and medical officers. OCHRI is the only hospital which boasts of full time 6 member Intensivists group led by 2 critical care physicians to render stationed 24×7 care to the patients admitted in their 40 bedded critical care complex.
OCHRI also promotes whole body check-up approach methodology. Various profiles are evaluated as a regular screening modality. Almost all major reputed companies utilise this executive health check up system for their employees. Correspondingly advanced spiral CT scan, state of art Diagnostic Laboratory, PFT (Lung function), Sleep Lab (for sleep apnoea confirmation), Mammography, EEG (for epilepsy), ENG (for vertigo), BERA (hearing testing), Dentistry, Interventional radiology and Physiotherapy, Blood storage unit, E-Scan etc are also available.
As on date OCHRI has the privilege of ensuring maximum number of specialists and super specialists under one roof in a private health care Institution of Central India outside any medical colleges.  The magnitude of health care dependency on Nagpur is now attracting health care groups from metropolis to function at Nagpur. This must be due to the fact that Nagpur & central Indians are not reaching their centres based in metropolis nowadays. As a prime mover based at Nagpur, which did endow this foundation of trust with a long-term vision in mind to acquire this image for Nagpur, this is one of OCHRI’s most distinct achievements.  Thus OCHRI is not a corporate hospital but a hospital which is investing the amount back to society by continually improving the health care delivery system. With so much feathers in its cap, OCHRI is worthy of being endorsed as the brand ambassador of central Indian health care sector.

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