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BAJRANG CHOURAH,Yashoda Nagar,Kanpur-208011

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Kabeer hospital is not single hospital but it is a chain of hospitals that have multi facility ranges at one end to multispecialty advanced treatment & on other end to simple hospital so as to reach from richest society to poor of the poorest public of India. It caters treatment according to paying capacity of public with logo


Kabeer Hospital Pvt Ltd, Yashoda nagar established in 2007 is 100 bed Multi-specialty hospital combined with highly advance Operation theatre, NICU & ICU providing 24 hours emergency services with best treatment facilities in Kanpur South.Kabeer Hospital aim always giving world class medical care with in the reach of common people.

All our social welfare initiatives are organized under the aegis of the Kabeer Foundation, which was incorporated in 2007. The vision of Kabeer Foundation is to, ‘provide and improve access and awareness of healthcare for people in need’. Our programmes are both aimed at the emancipation of the socially marginalized and deprived sections of the society and creating awareness about health and environment among the middle and upper classes. We do ensure that all our programmes are not only efficient, but sustainable and relevant to those meant to benefit from them.

Kabeer Foundation’s programmes are categorized under the following:

•  Awareness, training and education programmes

•  Medical care and treatment initiatives

•   Programmes for girl child and women

•  Programmes for rural and remote areas

Through the network of kabeer hospitals across the country, Kabeer Foundation reaches out to bring healthcare assistance and relief to those in need. Kabeer hospitals have been a tremendous support in organizing and implementing several development activities and programmes based on regional requirements and needs. The Foundation’s social initiatives have evolved over the years supported by its partners and stockholders, including NGOs, Government, Corporates and Educational Institutions.

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