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Beside Kshetrapal Temple,Rajashri Hall Road,Majura Gate,Surat-395002

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NABH Accredited Hospital

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ASUTOSH derives its name from Advanced SUrat Traumatology & Orthopedic Surgery Hospital. This is dream accomplishment for Dr. Rajiv Raj Choudhry after completion of 25 years of Orthopedic Surgery practice. Dr. Suhas Shah, Pediatric surgeon & Dr. Jitendra Dumaswala, Physician have joined him in this new venture.
World class Tertiary care (Level – III) Trauma center with Medical ICU & critical care unit with all branches of a Multi specialty hospital.
NABH Certified Hospital.
• Golden hour principle – 24 x 7 Round the clock availability of M.S. Orthopedic Surgeon, M.D. Physician & M.D. Anesthetist at hospital.
Quality care (Attempt to achieve Negligible infection rate) at reasonable charges (No Surcharge). 
Cashless facility available. On panel of majority insurance company & corporates.
Health Check up Packages & Operation Package charges available.
Surgical Facilities
German technology prefabricated joint less operation theatre having 0.3 micron Laminar Air flow. Walls painted by British antibacterial & antifungal paint.
6 operation theatres. 5 major O.T. & 1 minor O.T.,All 5 O.T. class 100 (Highest level) with 0.3 micron HEPA filters & Laminar air flow.
3 joint less modular O.T. class 10000 having 5 micron bacteria free air supply.
Most advanced sterilization department equipped with ETO, Washer with Lubricant, Ultrasonic cleaner, Flash sterilizer & 2 high pressure horizontal steam      sterilizers.
Special room to store sterilized instruments with 5 micron air supply.
First time in Western India Bone Bank in collaboration with Tata memorial hospital Mumbai.
• Scopy theatre has Harmonic Scalpel, 3-chip camera, xenon light source, medical grade monitor mounted on extra rotating arm of O.T. light. Karl Storz set       for Pediatric & Adult laparoscopic surgery, Arthroscopy, Cystoscopy & resectoscopy. Operating microscope for Neurosurgery.
Imported remote control operation tables, 130000 lux imported O.T. lights minimum 2 domes. 3 C-arm machines, 7 Anesthesia trolley including 2 imported     Dragger trolley with gas analyzer. 7 cautery machines, 9 two arm rotating pendants.
Central O2, No2, Co2, Suction & Medical grade compressed air, outlets on pendants.
Central monitoring by 8 parameter Phillips interactive monitors.
Orthopedic dept. . Joint replacement surgery, Arthroscopy, Spine surgery, Pediatric Orthopedic surgery & primary & complicated non union fracture treatment. Osteoporosis clinic, Cerebral Palsy clinic.
Pediatric Surgery Dept. Pediatric trauma including  Neonatal & Pediatric laparoscopic & open surgery. Pediatric Urology, Cryo surgery, Cystoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy.
General & Laparoscopic surgery. Advanced laparoscopic surgery. All types of general surgery for Hernia, Hydrocele, Gall bladder, Appendix, Intestines, Breast, Thyroid, & Cancer. Special stapler surgery for piles MIPS.
Gastro & Hepatobilliary Surgery
Neurosurgery  (Head injury, Brain tumor & spine Surgery), 
Urology, (Prostate, stones, kidney tumor etc.)
Bariatric (obesity) Surgery
Plasic surgery, Cardio Vascular Surgery.
Medical Facilities
First time in Gujarat 3 compartment I.C.U. having separate 5 micron clean fresh air supply.
24 X 7 round the clock, simultaneous & continuous monitoring of all hospital patients by M.D. physician from central station.
High end modular, 8 parameter Philips interactive monitor system. With use of internet patient can be monitored from remote area & B.P. can be checked.
Facility for 3D/2-D Echocardiography, Tread mill test (Stress ECG), 24/48 hours Holter monitoring, 24 hours ambulatory B.P. monitoring, Pulmonary                  function test.
High end Dialysis machine.
Facility of Temporary Pace Maker placement.
Preventive Health Checkup Plan Available.
Visiting Nephrologist, Neuro physician, Hematologist, Oncologist (Cancer physician), Endocrinologist.
Fully equipped A.C. Physiotherapy dept. having Imported whole body massage chair, Ultrasound, Diathermy, Interferential, Wax bath, Traction.
Services of qualified Dietician in O.P.D. & for admitted patient. Special food as per advice of dietician.
24 Hour Services
. Emergency:-  All type of Trauma cases like Head injury, Fracture, Burns, Abdominal injury, Chest injury accepted. Patients of all age accepted.  All medical   emergencies like Heart attack, Kidney failure, Coma, Paralysis, Fever, Convulsion, Diabetes, Cancer etc accepted.  Adult & Pediatric surgical emergencies   accepted. 24 X 7 hours services follows first “Golden hour” principal.
Laboratory:- 24 X 7 services of M.D. pathologist. VIT-D3/VIT-B12, T3,T4, Precalcitonin, Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer & Electrolyte, Auto Cell counter, Blood      bank storage center, Histopatho examination.( for biopsy), . Home visit services available. Cardiac profile, Liver profile, Lipid profile, Diabetes profile,              Renal profile, Pre operative & pre employment profiles available. Pre insurance check up & health check up packages available.
Radiology X-Ray:- 24 X 7 services. Digital X-ray with IITV, IVP, MCU, Barium Swallow. Portable X-Ray facility available.
  Sonography :- 3D/4D USG, Doppler Study.
Medical store:-  In house medical store. 24 X 7 round the clock services. All standard medicines, Surgical items, Implants, Splints & Belts available. Only        Standard products available at reasonable rates.
Ambulance:- Air conditioned Trauma care ambulance. Equipped with Oxygen, Suction, Monitors, imported stretcher & immobilization splints. Patient t             Treatment started before reaching hospital. Services of Anesthetist & Ventilator also available.
Canteen:- 24 hours open. Special food as per advise of  Dietician available.
In Patient Facilities.
100 bedded hospital. 19 critical care beds. 11 I.C.U. beds, 8 Surgical ICU beds, & 3 Emergency ward beds.
Different type of rooms. Economy class, Economy AC class, 3 bed semi private, 3 bed semi private AC, 2 bed semiprivate, 2 bed semiprivate AC, Private          with & without A.C., Deluxe room & Executive class rooms available.
All beds have central Oxygen & Suction line, Central cardiac monitoring, Intercom phone with facility of direct dialing from home.
Executive class room has separate rooms for patient & relative, having separate LCD T.V.& A.C. Pantry has Microwave oven, CNG gas line, Fridge, D.V.D.      player, Broadband Internet connection.
All rooms have specially designed “Handicap toilets”. Doors are wide to allow wheel chair inside, Commode seat is high to avoid bending & both side grip      bars for support.
24 hours R.O. filtered Cold water for drinking,24 hours Hot water in bathroom, Pantry with gas line, Internet via Wi-Fi routers. Separate room for ICU patient    relative & Separate dining room for all relatives.

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.NABH Certified Hospital.







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