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Dr. Aniket Tripathi  

General Physician


Dr. Aniket Tripathi , Badlapur, Thane



  6 yrs exp

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dr. salahuddin-hakeem-general-physicianSH

Dr. Salahuddin Hakeem  

General Physician

Dr. Salahuddin K Hakeem

dr. jayanti-lunia-general-physicianJL

Dr. Jayanti Lunia  

General Physician

Dr. Jayanti S Lunia

dr. rupesh-talele-general-physicianRT

Dr. Rupesh Talele  

General Physician

Dr. Rupesh M Talele

dr. mohd-siddiqui-general-physicianMS

Dr. Mohd Siddiqui  

General Physician

Dr. Mohd A Siddiqui

dr. k-rathod-general-physicianKR

Dr. K Rathod  

General Physician

Dr. K J Rathod

dr. dinesh-padwal-general-physicianDP

Dr. Dinesh Padwal  

General Physician

Dr. Dinesh S Padwal

dr. rahul-deshpande-general-physicianRD

Dr. Rahul Deshpande  

General Physician

Dr. Rahul S Deshpande

dr. bhavna-joshi-general-physicianBJ

Dr. Bhavna Joshi  

General Physician

Dr. Bhavna Joshi

dr. sangeeta-bhende-general-physicianSB

Dr. Sangeeta Bhende  

General Physician

Dr. Sangeeta Bhende

A General Physician treats acute and chronic diseases. They possess a holistic approach to medicine as they are trained to handle a wide range of medical conditions in people of all age groups, and hence may help in the early detection of various diseases, and refer the patient to the appropriate specialists.
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