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Opp. Old DSP Office,Dr Cook Road,Anand-388001

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Nishant Eye Hospital has been working in the field of eye care since last 30 years with the sole aim of providing highest quality of eye care to all our patients

It is located in the heart of Anand and easily approachable by any mode of transport. At present it is a 5000 q ft building with all ultramodern equipments of eye care. The ground floor is where the outdoor patients are examined and investigated , while on the first floor we have both special room and general room for indoor patients and the second floor is dedicated for the surgical procedures where we have separate Main and Septic Operation Theater which helps us to maintain  optimum sterilization .

We are among the very few hospital in Gujarat which are providing Comprehensive Quality Eye Care under one roof.




At Nishant Eye Hosptial we have seen it all and done it all .

Nishant Eye Hospital has been a witness and a part of the revolution in cataract and refractive surgery. We were the first to start phacoemulsification as well IOL implantation as far as our district is concerned.Today , we are the only hospital certified to implant the new Pseudoaccomodative IOL ( ACRYSOF ReSTOR ) in the whole Anand anad Kheda District. We were the first in India to perform bilateral implantation of the ACRYSOF ReSTRO IOL in India.

We also perform Keratorefractive Surgery ( LASIK )  since more than  last seven years after it was approved by U.S ( F.D.A ). WE are affiliated to LASIK center where we perform the surgery . The machine is ALLEGRETO WAVELIGHT 400HZ which is aurguably the fastest machine today. Moreover correction of all refractive errors is FDA approved . The keratome used is Moria which is also an FDA registered one and it also has the EpiLASIK capability.


We started vitreoretinal services last year. We perform all kinds of vitreoretinal surgery for Retinal Detachment , Diabteic Retinopathy, Vitreous Haemorrhage, Endophalmitis , Subluxated or Dislocated Lens / IOL, Trauma.. the newer 23g/25g sutureless vitrectomy surgery are also performed.

We also perform Fundus Fluorescein Angiogarphy for various vitreoretinal diseases and their treatment with Retinal Laser Photocoagualtion &/or Cryotherapy is also done.

Now with the new Fourier Domain 3 D Spectral OCT , which is considered the instrument for diagnosis of vitreoreitnal pathology, we have taken vitreoretinal care to the next level.


Glaucoma screening is done in all patients visiting our hospital for their eye check up.

Clinical Investigation for glaucoma like IOP examination both contact and noncontact, Goniscopy, Automated Field Analysis ( Autoperimetry ) , etc is performed in patients whom it is indicated. Invasive and Noninvasive treatment of glaucoma with Laser as well as Surgery is also done. The new Fourier Domain 3 D Spectral OCT having capability of

Anterior segment imaging , arguably one of the best machine for early diagnosis and management of glaucoma is now added for optimum management of glaucoma patients.


Vairous oculoplasty procedures including Surgery for Ptosis,  Entropion , Ectropion, Ptrerygium with Conjunctivo Limbal Autograft , Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy are performed at our hospital.


We have all the facilities available for treating any kind of eye injury round the clock. We have a fully equipped separate Operation Theatre to take care of trauma cases so that our main operation theater is not disturbed.

Other conditions like KERATITIS & UVEITIS are also treated at our hospital  . We have in our next building a state of the art laboratory for all biochemical and histopathological investigation needed.


  • Hospital is approved by Income Tax Department under sub clause III (b) of clause (ii) of section 17(2)(vi)
  • Hospital is certified iso 9001:2008 ( first in central Gujarat)
  • The hospital is on the panel of the following TPA for providing cashless facility:
    • Paramount Health Services
    • Mediassist India Pvt Ltd
    • MD India Health Care Services
    • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd.
    • Apollo DKV Insurance Company Ltd
    • Good health Plan Limited
    • TTK healthcare services Pvt Ltd.
    • Vipul Medicorp TPA Pvt Ltd.
    • Medsave
    • Emeditek
    • Reliance
    • Future Generali
    • TATA AIG
    • DHS
    • E Meditek
    • Vidal india
    • Star
    • Anmol




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