About Us

www.GoDoctr.com is the web and smart phone based product of Aray Systems Pvt ltd.

Godoctr.com is a unique and innovative platform to connect patients with Doctors in a very simple way. This simplifies the healthcare selection process for patients and provides an easy way to doctors to reach out to thousand of patients not only in the same city but around the world.  We believe, this is a huge win-win approach for both patients and healthcare service providers.

This web and smartphone based App will help patients to request for appointments 24/7. This simplified process will also expand the healthcare market as thousands of patients who ignore their health due to cumbersome or no appointment system will now feel more comfortable to visit doctors.

GoDoctr.com  strives to become market leader in providing doctor’s appointments to patients and also provides a very cost effective medium to healthcare service providers to attract and retain new patients.

Benefit to Patients:
  • Absolutely free service. Of course you will pay for doctor’s consultation fee as you do today.
  • You will get huge choices of health care service providers.
  • Choose a doctor with confidence after going thru’ feedbacks and ratings by other users.
  • No need to bother colleagues, friends or neighbors, they probably won’t be able to provide these many options. Rather, you become popular by suggesting www.godoctr.com to them.
  • More empowerment to users as you can provide feedback and reviews to doctors which will help them to improve their services.
  • Our views are neutral about any given healthcare provider and it is a consumer centric portal so it is you who would make this model “tick” by providing honest reviews and ratings which will help many unknown doctors to become popular in no time.
Benefits to Doctors:
  • Increase your web presence and visibility to thousands of patients.
  • Easy access and Management of appointments in a very easy way.
  • Increase quality time with family by reducing phone calls at odd hours for appointments.
  • Establish and strengthen your brand by displaying your profile with your clinic’s pictures. Research shows that your complete profile will help to attract 4 times more patients who are searching for doctors online using web or smartphones.
  • Google maps on the portal will eliminate the need for patients to make phone calls to inquire clinic address and time.

Benefits to Hospitals : 
  • Strengthen your brand and show case your specialty services.
  • Acquire patients at a very low cost and increase your web reach multifold.
  • More effective way to market your hospital's unique value proposition
  • Fraction of cost compared to traditional marketing mediums like print media , Hoardings, Radio and TV ads etc.